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i exist as i am that is enough,
if no other in the world be aware, i sit content
if each and all be aware, i sit content.
w. witman

Artist Statement

I find it terribly hard to write an artist statement. I love art in all its forms. It is integral to who I am and how I’ve structured my life. Art is my religion, my muse, and even my first love. I’m inspired by a long list of things: anatomy, religion, Egon Schiele, Geek love, Nina Simone, horror movies, storms, bones, Prince, Lucian Freud, Rosie the Riveter, symbolism, animal bones… This is just the beginning.
I refuse to use ordinary jewelry materials to create each piece. I feel that there’s such an over abundance in our culture. Why can’t we make beautiful things out of materials that already exist? Why can’t we “reuse” and tell that story.
After much experimenting and perseverance, I believe I’ve created a collection that is inspiring. Each piece is a statement piece. I can not create an exact replica of any piece. This means everything is as individual as the person who chooses to wear it. The person that wears these is not a blend in type of person. My jewelry is subtly weird. You should expect questions by the people that actually ask. My pieces have an explanation also. They have a past and a story. I want you to know the story of them. When you wear them and someone says, “nice earrings.”, I want you to tell them a story, our story, together.

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